Rotate Orbit Whirl



Installation with two HD-video’s with sound, 7’14” and 6’ (looped), ceramic, metal, fabric, sand

In search for an environment to activate her sculptures, Maika left her studio to explore the restored heath landscape. Her finely moulded sculptures find a new place of origin. Set in this new environment, Maika transposes her objects into functional musical instruments that create unexpected beautiful melodies seemingly coming from another age, and lets them interfere with the natural historical surrounding of the heather. It is only in her installation that the viewer is given access to experience this intimate moment between the artist and her sculpture – initially performed for an absent audience. A vertical and horizontal axe suggests a space of public encounter, which the spectator is invited to shape. Artist, spectator as well as chance influence the positions and melodies that are generated to evoke a moment of absorption. Each variation means a shift in focus making the sound and its environment become material.

Text Ans Mertens
Image  Maika Garnica
Filmed  Rik Peeters 
Editing Maika Garnica & Rik Peeters